Stacked Rocks

Stephen Covey, the late author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is often credited with popularizing the “Big Rocks” concept as a great tool for individual time management. The gist of the concept goes like this: take care of the most important things (family, health, etc.) first and you will have time to enjoy the small things too (tv, social media, etc.). If get this idea backwards though and fill life with the small things first, we will never have time for what really matters.

If you spend anytime googling what’s important to improve your health and fitness, you know the information can often be confusing. Too often we are told to focus on the smallest components of health and fitness, that we lose sight of and stop prioritizing the things that really matter.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Person Working at Computer“Carbs are making you fat. Eliminate them all together and you’ll lose weight.”
“You need to do HIIT 3x per week to melt the fat off your body!”
“Too much fat in your diet makes too much fat on your body.”
“You need to do low intensity, steady state cardio to improve your health.”

Not only are the above statements contradictory, but we should ask ourselves if following this advice is filling our lives with sand before big rocks.

At B3, we believe the Big Rocks in your health and fitness are: Sleep (quality and quantity), Nutrition (quality and quantity), Exercise (strength and conditioning), and Stress Management. Before spending any of your precious time worrying about the little things (supplementation, optimal rep ranges, etc.) be sure you are consistently filling your jar with the Big Rocks.

If you are interested in finding out how you can better prioritize your Big Rocks, or learn how to set better goals, contact us today. Email us at and we will help you navigate your path to getting started.

Checkout this video that gives you a little visual on the Big Rocks theory we love to talk about.

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