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Your health and fitness means a lot to us, and the fact that you trust us with yours means even more. As we continue to try and provide the best coaching around, we think an overview of a few movements would be beneficial to everyone.  Because we workout at home, we often get asked for modifications or alternatives to movements based on limited equipment or fitness level.  Can’t do a pull up? No Problem! We are here to help you be the best version of you, from home!  So let’s dive a little deeper into some common foundational movements within our class programming, and see if you can better your technique with these few tips.

The Kettlebell Clean and Press

  • Hinge back with your hips and reach for the kettlebell with one hand, ensuring your hips and shoulders stay square
  • Hike the bell high in the thighs and generate power with the hips to get the bell into the rack position (think zipping a sweater)
  • With a vertical forearm and straight wrist, press the bell overhead while squeezing your quads, glutes, and core
  • If performing the clean and press, re-clean the bell between each press

The Pull-up

  • With palms forward, thumbless grip, pull yourself up using strength (no kipping/swinging) until your upper chest or neck touch the bar
  • Ensure your elbows are fully straightened between each rep and a noticeable pause is present
  • Try to maintain a hollow position throughout the movement; pelvis tucked with glutes and abs engaged
  • Some regression and progression ideas:
  • No access to a pull-up bar – substitute 3 controlled bent over rows each side
  • Unable to pull-up yet – flexed arm hang for 10 seconds per prescribed rep
  • Unable to flex arm hang – straight arm hang in the hollow position for 10 seconds per prescribed rep


The Kettlebell Swing

Nailing the kettlebell swing is the essential to be proficient in the foundational movements with the bells. Here are some reminders:

  • Neutral back
  • Shoulders packed
  • Handle above knees in backswing
  • Plank at top of swing
  • Straight arms at top of swing
  • Abs and legs tight

Kettle Bell Swing


Goblet Squat

Coach Dan John did a wonderful thing we he invented the goblet squat. Over the years the goblet squat has been an amazing prescription for teaching people proper squat mechanics with little risk. At B3, we don’t think everyone needs to squat heavy, but we do believe everyone needs to squat!

Here are some quick things to remember when goblet squatting:

  • Chest tall
  • Abs braced for a punch
  • Bell held with lats
  • Sit “between” your knees
  • Knees track the toes
  • Hips, shoulders, bell rise together

Goblet Squat


If you’d like to check out a class with us, from home, shoot us an email and we can set you up to try it.  We want to support you and your goals to live a healthier life.  Email us at info@b3-wellness.com we can’t wait to connect with you!

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