Working with a Coach

Nutrition: It is our experience that nutrition tends to be where most of our clients struggle. Our Precision Nutrition coaches will help you get control of your eating habits by keeping you accountable, while educating you on how to eat for the results you want to achieve.

Training: Our strength programs are designed by a StrongFirst certified coach and your customized training plan is accessible via our branded app. The exercise library is all available to you, with each movement demoed in HD video! Working out from home, at the gym, or on the road just got easier!

  • Basic Coaching
    $100 4 Week Program
    • Customized strength training program
    • Unlimited in-app messaging and form checks
    • Basic Nutrition Education
    • Exercise library demonstrated in HD video
    • One 30-minute video coaching session

    The basic plan is for all levels.  This plan includes one 30-minute live call with your coach, to review your training, and answer any questions you may have. Unlimited in app messaging is available right through our branded app.  The programming is customized to your goals, is tracked, logged, and viewed right from your device.

  • Ultimate Coaching
    $200 4 Week Program
    • Customized strength training program
    • Unlimited in-app messaging and form checks
    • Nutrition Coaching & Customizable Meal Plan
    • Exercise library demonstrated in HD video
    • Flexibility & Mobility Programs
    • One 30-minute video coaching session, WEEKLY
      The ultimate plan is for individuals who seek accountability with a coach weekly.  This plan offers all of the benefits of the premium plan, a customizable meal plan, access to our flexibility and mobility programs, and a 30-minute live call, with a coach, weekly.
  • Power Hour
    $60 60 minutes
    Individuals can book an hour live call to use at their own discretion.  Clients can schedule extra time outside of the program plan to use for additional training practice, form checks and feedback, increased accountability, or discuss nutrition in further detail
  • Free Consultation
    FREE 15min Call
    Schedule a call with a coach to decide what plan will be best for you.  Do you have specific questions or need to meet us to help you decide? Set up a time to talk with a coach and ask all your questions!

Ready? Start your journey today.