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Working With A B3 Wellness Coach

Nutrition: It is our experience that nutrition tends to be where most of our clients struggle. Our Precision Nutrition coaches will help you get control of your eating habits by keeping you accountable, while educating you on how to eat for the results you want to achieve.

Training: Our strength programs are designed by a StrongFirst certified coach and your customized training plan is accessible via our branded app. The exercise library is all available to you, with each movement demoed in HD video! Working out from home, at the gym, or on the road just got easier!

Nutrition and Habit Analysis

Talk with a coach about how to create healthier habits or improve your nutrition.

Custom Daily Workouts

Each client is provided a program specific to their goals and each day the trackable workout is listed in the app with videos of each exercise.

On Demand Videos

Demonstration videos of each exercise. Your custom program outlines the specific exercises required for the day with a video demonstration how to properly perform the movement.

Man messaging coach

Direct Access to Your Coach

Unlimited in-app messaging directly to your coach. Have questions? Message your coach anytime!

Track Your Progress

In app tracking capabilities of body stats and weight goals. Upload progress photos and track your body stats directly into the app with privacy.

Goal Tracking

Tracking training consistency and personal bests. The app automatically tracks your workout consistency and personal bests of all lifts.

Live One-on-One Calls with Your Coach

Live video calls with a coach that are personalized to the client. Each client can use calls as they see fit. It is common to discuss habits and nutrition. Use the call for direction on how to better a lift or specific exercise with respect to form and technique.

Form & Technique Evaluations

Request feedback on your form & technique from a coach by sending a video of yourself performing a specific movement through the app.