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Meal Plan, Meal Prep, or Both

If you had made your nutritional habits a priority, chances are “meal prep” has been mentioned. “How do you meal prep, what should I meal prep, when do you have
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Horse & Carriage

A Guide to Coaching

Coaches exist to guide their students How coaches help? The word coach, in the context of what we at B3 love to do, is 18th century English slang for an
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Stacked Rocks

Prioritizing Your Health and Fitness

Stephen Covey, the late author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is often credited with popularizing the “Big Rocks” concept as a great tool for individual time management.
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Flex Hang

No Pull Up? No Problem!

Your health and fitness means a lot to us, and the fact that you trust us with yours means even more. As we continue to try and provide the best
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