Horse & Carriage

Coaches exist to guide their students

How coaches help?

Horse CoachThe word coach, in the context of what we at B3 love to do, is 18th century English slang for an instructor who “carries” a student through an exam similar to the way a horse-drawn carriage takes passengers to their destination. While Chicago may still operate some carriages, we think modern times have better analogies: the modern coach is like a GPS for your personal goals.

Where are you now?

When working with a coach, it is useful to determine together where you are today. Often times when setting health and fitness goals, we like to think about where we want to be, but without first understanding where we are today, reaching the end goal is impossible. At B3, we like to determine where you are now through a short consultation for all new members. Let’s say your goal is to lose 15 pounds. The route to reach that goal looks different for a 250 pound male vs a 135 pound female. This is why understanding where you are now matters so much.

Please enter your destination

There’s two ways this part plays out.

  1. You know where you want to go. If you have a clear goal in your mind’s eye of where you want to be, a coach can help provide a clear path on getting there. If you know you want to obtain a StrongFirst certification or set powerlifting personal bests, you are part of group 1. You may have the tools now to reach your destination on your own, but working with a coach is likely the path of least resistance.
  2. Group 2 is where most of our students fit in. They have a vague idea of where they want to be – lose some weight, get stronger, be healthier, etc. – but they don’t have a well defined end goal in mind. We love helping this group! Just like when you are looking for a gas station or a coffee shop on a road trip and your GPS recommends some options, a coach can take an idea in your head and help make it more concrete.

Whether you’re in group 1 or 2 above, working with a good coach can help you reach your destination as effectively as possible.


Phone AppWe’ve all been there. You’re following your charted course and out or nowhere there’s a traffic jam. Could be construction, an accident, who knows! What we do know is the plan needs to change. No problem! A good coach is going to help correct course when things don’t go as planned. We don’t work with professional athletes; it’s not our calling. We work with busy moms and dads. People who work odd shifts and long hours. People who care about more than their heaviest bench press (though we help here too). We are equipped to help adjust plans and encourage our students focused on the things they can control.

Coaches direct, they don’t drive

Here comes the hard news, for both coaches and clients. We aren’t Tesla (come on Elon!). Just like your GPS can guide you, it’s up to you to reach your destination. Before you start working with a coach, make sure you are willing to put in the work. While coaches can provide some motivation to help keep you on track, you must know why you need to get where you are going. The person behind the wheel is responsible for making sure they reach their destination; you are the driver.

Who we coach

A Giude to CoachingIf you’ve read this far, thank you. We know how valuable your time is and appreciate you spending it with us. B3 Wellness provides coaches to everyday people looking to build better bodies. We work with people who have a general idea of where they want to be, but aren’t sure the best way to get there. People who can commit 3-6 hours a week at home working on improving their health and fitness because they want to spend more time playing with their kids; because they want to be proud of the person looking back at them in the mirror; because they don’t like breathing heavy after climbing a flight of stairs. People who don’t believe that fitness is defined by 6 pack abs or how “hard” a workout is.
If that sounds like what you are looking for, we would love to connect and help you discover your destination and chart the best way to get there.

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